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RTC Awarded Best New Artist

2018 Turning Out To Be A Major Year

2018 has been a major year for RTC with major recognition from radio stations and producers such as SM Tracks and KE On The Track to shows at Echo Stage and opening up for Papoose. Most recently RTC was nominated and awarded by the Zimbabwe Achieves Association. In an interview with Voice Of  America 

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 A beatmaker, composer and producer RTC puts his life and experiences all on display to give the listener a sneak preview into the life of a young lyricist. 

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100 Degrees


(Single) July 2018

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(Album) April 2018

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TC Season


(EP) October 2017

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"The Reason For The Season"

Paving Your Own Way

Making waves out in the DMV, Ralph aka RTC, has been on an incline with the popularity of his musical art pieces. From beat-making, writing, and producing, RTC puts his life and experiences all on display to give the listener a sneak preview into the life of an African turned American. Born in Zimbabwe, home to Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the world, RTC ventures out to become the 8th wonder by filling your whole body with the kind of emotion that can make you feel his up and downs as well as an ecstatic feeling of euphoria. From watching his father perform as a young child, RTC knew music was his calling. 9 years of various forms of "audition only" choirs helped RTC build and craft his sound over the years. In an interview, RTC stated "I never wanted to be like anyone who was out there. I want it to be the first time anyone has ever heard anything like that. I had to pave my own way, hustling to get by because I had faith in my music and knew I was capable of." The aspiration to become the best who ever did it is what lit the fire in the artist to chase after a dream some would have said was foolish. Regardless RTC set out to change the world with his own original sound. In the same interview, RTC also stated "I don't do this just for fun, I do this to prove to myself and the rest of the world that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and I am gonna keep grinding and do what I have to to give my family the life they deserve. 

NPR 88.5 Interview

"Although his first EP has streamed over 30,000 times on Spotify, Chambati still produces and edits tracks himself in a home studio. "

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